Flak Masters

A Priman Fixer located in San Francisco. Flak is the primary Fixer used by the players in their career as TekMercs.


The best Fixer in town (HC)


Flak Masters started work as a Fixer over ten years ago. During this time he has built a reputation as a reliable professional with a roster of capable TekMercs. Flak is regarded by the industry as someone that can be counted on to take every job seriously and pull the right team together. No mean feat considering the challenges that come with just being a Priman these days, let alone a Priman determined to start up their own business. In spite of everything the world has thrown at him, Flak has managed to build a successful operation based out of the Burlingame district in San Francisco.

After meeting him for the first time, some folks might say that Flak takes things a little too seriously. Others may even go so far as to describe him as cold. But any TekMerc worth their salt can recognize that Flak is the rarest of Fixers, one that actually has his crews best interest at heart. For those crews that show the same level of respect and professionalism for the job as he does, they’ve earned themselves a life long ally in Flak Masters.

It’s no surprise then that the best TekMercs speak highly of Flak and sometimes even turn down jobs from other Fixers, preferring to work with Flak alone. A fact that really bothers some of his fellow Fixers, none more so than Sophia Del Mar.

Flak Masters

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