Harry London

San Francisco based Priman and leader of 62


Standing 6’2" and weighing 450lbs, Harry London is a powerful and intimidating Priman. Harry London wears fine hand tailored suits and is never seen without his trademark red carnation pinned to the lapel.

Kingpin of the Priman Underworld (HC)


Every Priman in San Francisco knows who Harry London is. As the owner of the club Monkey Business, he represents the hope that Priman can succeed in this world. As the leader of 62, he represents the ugly truth of the price for that success. As an individual, Harry London represents just what an individual is capable of when they are willing to pay that price so others don’t have to.

Possessed of a cold and calculating intellect, Harry London realized very early in life that the Priman would never been seen as equal by humans. No matter what anyone said, or whatever legislation might get passed, the odds will always be stacked against the Priman. And when the game is rigged, Harry London did the only thing an individual can do, he cheated.

Through strategic maneuvering, careful planning and when necessary, brutal violence, Harry London has built an underworld network comprised of almost every type of illegal or illicit activity a person could imagine. With his organization 62, Harry London ensures that he sees a piece of the action for everything from gambling and extortion, to trafficking and harvesting. To the general public and authorities of San Francisco, Harry London is a text book example of a Priman thug and a menace to society. To the Priman community, Harry London is the best chance for a safe neighborhood to live in, a way to provide for their families, and a future for the next generation.

Harry London

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