Mark Salis

A middle aged African American man in the prime of his life and tip top physique


Determined TEA enforcement agent (HC)
Long arm indeed


Mark Salis believes in the law. It is what separates man from the beasts and provides everyone the opportunity to live happy lives. He believes in Teklaw even more. Mankind has always had the tendency to progress faster than its ability to control. Saving the development of control until after something bad happens. When it does, a lot of innocent people pay the price for progress. When the world, as a whole, decided to be better than it has been in the past, Mark did everything he could to be apart of it. Now as an Agent of the Teklaw Enforcement Agency, Mark puts all of his energy and skills to use protecting the world at large from those that would seek the irresponsible development of science and technology. Enter Zachary Tenson. A brilliant mind without the ability to understand the ramifications of its actions. Salis has already seen the results of some of Tenson’s research. A man who conducts experiments without the consideration of the effects to his subjects is a man who would lead humanity down a dark path. It was for this kind of man that Agent Mark Salis joined the T.E.A. It will be agent Mark Salis that will put an end to his Madness.

Mark Salis

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