Sophia Del Mar

Beautiful Cutthroat rival of Flak Masters


Cut-Throat Fixer (HC)

Sophia Del Mar grew up among the rolling hills of Spain. Eldest daughter of Enzo Del Mar, a successful wine maker and vineyard owner. Sophia was the daughter of a a very traditional man. Though he loved his daughter dearly, he never acknowledged her as an heir to his estate. Sophia tried her whole life to prove to her father that she was worthy of his trust. She put herself through the best business schools and got internships at some of the most successful businesses, all to learn how to wrong the family business when it came time. Unfortunately, he father’s traditionalism would not be swayed, and the family business was to be handed down to her younger brother, Alfonso. Angered by the outcome, Sophia came to America to put her lifelong gained experience to better use. She is a driven young woman who does not like to lose out to anyone. It is bother her greatest strength and her biggest weakness.

Sophia Del Mar

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