The TekMerc Chronicles

First session

First game session

Group focused on initial character creation and world building. Two issues that teh gameworld is facing were determined:

Current Issue – “Anti-cybernetic sentiment on the rise”
Impending Issue – “Unchecked global corporate takeover”

The group also created six “Faces and Places” to flesh out the gameworld.

1. Church of the Human Temple
A radical anti-cybernetic religious group that regards any augmentation of the human body as an affront to God since we are all made in his image and therefore divinely perfect.
Reverend Coltrane – ordained clergyman and leader of the Church of the Human Temple.
Aspect: TBD

2. Teklaw Enforcement Agency (TEA)
International organization created to uphold the body of international regulatory legislation known collectively as “Teklaw”. Focuses on investigation and control of scientific research and development in prohibited fields such as bio-engineering and genetics.
Agent Mark Salis – field operative for the TEA.
Aspect: “Long Arm Indeed”

3. The Global Network
The next phase of evolution for what was known as The Internet in the 21st century. Fully encompassing the world, users of the Global Network (or “Sphere”) requires the establishment of a Global Identification profile. These GID profiles are tied directly to a users physical identity, much in the same way a social security number or Passport would be.
Aspect: “Accept no substitute”

4. The Marshals
The agency that began in the wild west of the United States of America as The U.S. Marshals has endured the test of time and evolved to become the primary enforcement agency for crimes committed by cybernetically enhanced perpetrators. When local law enforcement is ill equipped to handle a situation, The Marshals are called in to handle things.
Marshal Jane Harlock
Aspect: “Marshal round these here parts”

5. Future Sports League
John to provide details.
Aspect: TBD

6. 62
Priman group located in San Francisco that works to support the Priman community and troops through whatever means necessary. 62 operates both above and outside the law, engaging in activities including gambling, prostitution, theft, and harvesting.
Harry London – leader of 62 and owner of “Monkey Business”, a Priman club set up in the grounds of the now condemned Coit Tower.
Aspect: “Independent and proud of it”


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